Capture special moments with beauty that amazes. Photography creates lasting memories through images that tell unique stories.

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled cinematic experience. The video captivates the audience with dynamic and emotional sequences, offering unforgettable visual narratives.

Discover never-before-seen views from the skies! Drone photography offers a unique perspective, revealing landscapes otherwise inaccessible from the ground.

About me

The art of capturing the moment

Whether photography or video, each moment is unique and appeals to the emotions. Tell me about your vision, and I’ll capture it for you.

Portrai photo de Loïc cinéaste et photographe


Filmmaker and photographer

I capture the moment throughphotography and the video. With a dedicated passion for visual art, I excel at creating visual content that tells stories and captivates audiences. After graduating from ESEC in 2010, I’ve been lucky enough to shoot a number of documentaries around the world. Today, I offer a wide range of services as a photographer and filmmaker. It will be my pleasure to bring this passion to your future project through my company ORCA Production.

Aerial photography

Le ciel n'a pas de limites, et mes drones vous emmènent là où aucune caméra traditionnelle ne peut aller. Chaque prise de vue capture l'essence de l'espace qui nous entoure, offrant des images et des vidéos qui donnent une toute nouvelle profondeur à votre projet.


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