Dive into the Art of Video

Enter the captivating world of video now. Whether you are a company looking to promote your image, a documentary filmmaker or a cinema enthusiast, through my production company ORCA Production I offer you world-class video services. From production to post-production, each moment is a canvas on which we paint memorable stories with my partner Stephan. Discover our expertise and let our vision bring your project to life on screen.

Director of the photography


Cinema is a window to the imagination. I work with a dedicated team of directors, screenwriters and audiovisual technicians. Together we are ready to create captivating cinematic works. From script to screen, we bring unique worlds to life, whether for an independent short film, a feature film or a television series. Each image is a brushstroke on the canvas of reality.

Corporate films

Business videos are the future of communication. At ORCA Production, we offer teamwork with video professionals. Together we specialize in creating compelling corporate content. Whether for promotional videos, training videos, webinars or presentations, we help you maximize your online impact. Boost your digital presence with high-quality videos and make an impact on your audience.


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